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Co-Founder & CEO

Tiffany Ward is a Detroit native with eight years of experience in Education. She earned her B.A. in English at Grand Valley State University and M.A. in Elementary Education at Wayne State University. Tiffany is a passionate educator who believes that literacy is equity, and every child deserves to acquire the foundational skills needed to achieve their highest potential. As an effective practitioner, she is committed to enhancing student achievement and motivated to expand her reach beyond the four walls of her classroom.  Tiffany encourages the love of reading and works to inspire children all over to have a love of literacy.



Co-Founder & CAO

Candice Williams M.Ed is an award-winning Reading Specialist and Founder of Urby Education, LLC, with 11 years of experience in education. The Detroit Entrepreneur Magazine named her "The Reading Revolutionary" due to her gift for making reading fun and effective. Mrs.Williams has a proven track record for increasing reading data in schools. She specializes in building rich parent and community relationships. The rising illiteracy rates in the black community inspired her to become the co-founder of Love of Literacy Foundation. Candice Williams is the co-host of The Teacher's Lounge Talk Show; Candice has made reading fun on social media with her five-year-old co-teacher son Justin as an influencer.